Mandarin Character Course: Part 2, mù 目. Building your Chinese vocabulary and knowledge of Hanzi 汉字


In these posts I will be discussing a single character in Mandarin Chinese, and giving a few example sentences using it.

Today’s character or hanzi 汉字 is 目 mù.

目 mù = eye

目标 mùbiāo = objective/target/goal

目的 mùdì = intention

目的地 mùdìdì = destination

目光 mùguāng = a look (noun, not the verb ‘to look’ which is ‘kàn’ 看)

目前 mùqián = present (as in ‘nowadays’ – not a ‘gift’)

As you can see, there are lots of similar words using 目 which translate into something being in your sights.

Let’s look at some examples:

你的目的是什么?nǐde mùdì shì shénme? – What’s your intention?

他的目光很严厉 tāde mùguāng hěn yánlì – His look is very severe.

我目前不在那儿工作 – wǒ mùqián bù zài nàr gōngzuò – I don’t currently work there

Why don’t you write a sentence using ‘mù’ in the comment box below and I’ll check it for you?

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