Chinese Beginners I – The Basic greetings in Mandarin Chinese

Welcome to my new set of posts aimed at learners of Mandarin Chinese. These lessons will be aimed at beginners but I will be posting some intermediate ones soon too.

Let’s start off with the absolute basics in today’s post.

Hello 你好!ni hao

Goodbye 再见 zai jian

How are you? 你好吗?ni hao ma?

I’m fine 我很好 wo hen hao

Thanks 谢谢 xiexie

You’re welcome 不客气 bukeqi

See you tomorrow 明天见 mingtian jian

Bye 拜拜 baibai

I’ll be doing a video shortly to help with pronunciation but here are a few tips:

x – sh like in ‘she’

q – ch like in ‘cheese’

z – ds like in ‘bids’

h – ch like in ‘loch’

Read the conversation below and translate:

a- 你好!

b- 你好!你好吗?

a- 很好,你呢?

b- 很好,谢谢!

a- 不客气。

b- 再见!

a- 明天见!

b- 拜拜!

a- 拜拜!


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