TOPIK Prep V – 길래 gillae Since/Because. A more complex way of giving your reasons in Korean.

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안녕하세요!  이 수옵이 ‘길래’ 때문입니다.

Hello!  This lesson is about ‘since’.

Here’s how to say ‘since’ in Korean.  This is similar to several other ways of explaining information that we have learnt previously.  Namely: -어서 / 으니까 / 이라서

To form this construction, simply:

Verbs = add 길래 to the stem (minus -다) and for the past tense after 었/았

Adj = add 길래 to the stem of the verb

Nouns = for nouns ending in a vowel just add 길래 and for ones ending in a consonant add 이길래

Some examples:

먹길래 – since (I am) eating

마시길래 – since (I am) drinking

보길래 – since (I am) seeing/watching

노래하길래 – since (I am) singing

쓰길래 – since (I am) writing/using

갔길래 – since (I) went

왔길래 – since (I) came

예쁘길래 – since (she is) beautiful

좋길래 – since (it is) good

남자길래 – since (he is) a man

텔레비전이길래 – since (it is) a TV

Full examples: (Translation at bottom of the page)

a) 재 음식을 먹었길래 내일도 만들 거예요

b) 형도 신장에 갈기래 같이 갈게요

c) 축구를 좋길래 오늘 밤에 경기에 같이 갈까요

d) 현씨는 관광 하고 싶었길래 차로 중심에 구경했어요.

Try to conjugate these for yourself, then translate them into the form in brackets.  Answers at bottom:

1) 먹다 (I)

2) 가다 (I)

3) 읽다 (Put this in the past tense) (I)

4) 깨끗하다 (it)

5) 바쁘다 (I)

6) 개 (it)

7) 한국 (it)

8) 부엌 (it)


1) 먹길래 – since I am eating

2) 갈길래 – since I am going

3) 읽었길래 – since I was reading

4) 깨끗하길래 – since it was clean

5) 바쁘길래 – since I was busy

6) 개길래 – since it is a dog

7) 한국이길래 – since it is Korea

8) 부엌이길래 – since it is a kitchen

Full sentences:

a) 재 음식을 먹었길래 내일도 만들 거예요- Since (he) ate my food, I’ll make it again tomorrow

b) 형도 신장에 갈기래 같이 갈게요 – Since (my) older brother is going to the market, we’ll go together (I’ll go with him)

c) 축구를 좋길래 오늘 밤에 경기에 같이 갈까요 – Since (you) like football, let’s go to the match tonight (lit. today in the evening)

d) 대민씨는 관광 하고 싶었길래 차로 중심에 구경했어요 – Since Taemin (person’s name) wanted to go sight seeing, (I) took him to see the sights by car

How did you do?

잘 했어요?

Drop me a line to say how you did!




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