Korean TOPIK exam preparation I – Revision techniques and websites / apps to help with revision.

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안녕하세요 여러분!  이 수업에서 한극어 능력 시험 때문에 공부하기 시작합시다!

Hello everyone!  In this lesson let’s start studying for the TOPIK Korean exam!

Sorry for the time out, I’ve spent a lot of time developing my Mandarin but I’m back on Korean now and ready to sit the TOPIK exam myself and put my money where my mouth is later this spring.  As part of the revision process for this formal exam I would like to share with you my revision techniques and different things that I’m learning.

As I’ve previously stated I have been learning Mandarin and have found the acquisition of Chinese characters to memory much easier than learning new vocabulary items in Korean, but why?  Through self analysis I can only assume that it is more or less because the images of the Chinese characters sticks in my mind better than a meaning-less new word.  I have decided to do three things about this!

First step: Using the Memrise app, available free on the App store for both PC/Mac and Smart phones (definitely iPhones at least) I have learned a lot of new words quickly as it has nagged and nagged me to learn lots of new words and has a section to learn every single word which has previously appeared in the TOPIK exam in past years which is incredibly useful.

Second step: Obtain books which offer the original hanja (Chinese characters) for the words that I’m learning both enabling me to learn them better for the same reason that I learn them quicker whilst studying Mandarin, but also to associate them with Mandarin words that I already know.  For example, I checked out what the TOPIK exam was in Hanja and the Korean 능력 시험 (nǔngnyǒk shihǒm) is actually ability test in Chinese 能力
試驗 which I already more or less knew.  As a result, it has subsequently stuck in my memory!

Third step: Everyone reading this should definitely visit this website which is superb and a huge help / inspiration to me and countless others.  Great job!  http://www.topikguide.com/

From now on I will be updating regularly with my findings and ideas and I hope to get your feedback!  Just as a side note, as the TOPIK exam is for serious learners I will no longer be writing transliterated Korean in Roman characters as the learner should know these well before attempting the test.  Should I however do a post for beginners then I will obviously revert back to including them.

Thanks for reading and see you soon!

읽어서 감사합니다 그리고 금방 만납시다!


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