Korean Lesson 34: More simple sentences

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After the ongoing popularity of my first post ‘Simple sentences’ I have decided to do a second part to help you begin to form simple sentences in Korean of your own.

Let’s concentrate just on sentences using the verb to be – itta 있다

New words:

-e = to/in/at (where something is going or has been)  

esø – in/at (where something happens) 에서

an-e = inside 안에

koyangi-ga chib-esø issøyo – the cat is at home  고양이가 집에 있어요

koyangi-ga chib-an-e issøyo – the cat is inside the house  고양이가 집안에 있어요

koyangi-ga chip-e ka-go issøyo – the cat is going home (N.B. X go issøyo – X is doing something right now)    고양이가 집에 가고 있어요

We can clearly see the subject (cat) with the subject marker -ga 가 .  We have used a preposition in each (in, inside, to) and there is a verb (to be).


Some further examples using the gerund (“X is doing something now”):

nuna-ga k’ømp’yut’ø-rûl ssø-go issøyo – Older sister is using the computer  누나가 컴퓨터를 써고 있어요

hyøng-i ûmshig-ûl møg-go issøyo – Older brother is eating food  형이 음식을 먹고 있어요

We can clearly see the computer/food is the object as it is marked with the object marker -rûl 를 .

Other verbs in the present tense:

ch’aeg-ûl ilgøyo – I am reading a book (or he/she/we/they, etc)  책을 읽어요

nuna-ga jølmøyo – older sister is young  누나가 젊어요

na-nûn t’ellebijøn-ûl pwayo – I am watching TV (na = I in informal situations)  나는 텔레비전을 봐요

na-nûn chib-e kayo – I am going home  나는 집에 가요

ûmag-ûl pot’ong tûrøyo – I often listen to music  음악을 보통 들어요

Make some of your own and leave them in the comment box for me to see!

Good luck!

안녕히 가세요!


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