Korean Lesson 28: Future Tense (Part two)

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Yoboseyo! 여보세요!

In this lesson we are going to learn about the further ways to explain the future.  You will learn that there are 3 main ways of putting verbs into the future tense.

Previously we have learned the probable future:  Møgûl køyeyo – I will (probably) eat.  먹을 거예요

The other two forms show different measures of the future.

Let’s take the form for the assertive future.  It is -ûl keyo.  This also translates as “promise”.

Take the infinitive form and remove the final ‘ta/da’.  Møgda 먹다  > Møg  먹

You add ‘-ûl keyo’ to forms ending in a consonant.  을게요

Add ‘-l keyo’ to a vowel ending form. ㄹ게요

= Møgûl keyo – I will eat / I promise to eat 먹을게요

Further examples:

읽을게요 – ilgûl geyo – I will read (I promise to read)

만날게요 – mannal keyo – I will meet (I promise to meet)

앉을게요 – anjûl keyo – I will sit (I promise to sit)

저 신문을 읽을게요 – jo shinmun-ûl ilgûl geyo – I will read that newspaper over there / I promise to read…

그 곳에서 만날게요 – kû kos-eso mannal geyo – I will meet you at that place / I promise to meet you…

이 서파에 안 이따가 앉을게요 – i sop’a-e an ittaga anjûl keyo – I will sit (I promise to sit) on this sofa later

The next future tense marker is ‘ûlleyo’ / lleyo’ 을레요 / ㄹ레요 which is added to the infinitive minus the ‘ta/da’ ending.

This has the meaning of “I will” / “I intend to”.


ilgûlleyo – I will read / I intend to read  읽을레요

mannalleyo – I will meet / I intend to meet  만날레요

anjûlleyo – I will sit / I intend to sit  앉을레요

Nae-il no-hago mannalleyo – I will meet you tomorrow (I intend to meet…) 내일 너하고 만날레요

daûm chumal-e i ch’aeg-ûl ilgûlleyo – I will read this book next weekend (I intend to read this book…) 다음 주말에 책을 읽을레요

yøgi-eso anjûlleyo – I will sit here (I intend to sit…)  여기에서 앉을레요

In summary:

Møgûl køyeyo – I will eat / I will probably eat  먹을거예요

Møgûl keyo – I will eat / I promise to eat  먹을게요

Møgûlleyo – I will eat / I intend to eat  먹을레요

Special notes:

You can’t use the “I intend to” form in any other form other than the “I” form.  It can’t be used to mean, “You intend to”.

Enjoy learning this section on the future tense.  Let me know if you don’t understand any aspects of it.

Annyonghi kaseyo!  안녕히 가세요!


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