Korean Lesson 25: More than

In this lesson we are going to learn how to make comparisons in Korean.

It is a simple construction.  You need 2 things, let’s call them A and B.  To say that A is …-er than B we say:

A-i/ga B-poda dø Verb

Here are some examples.

I am faster than you = Che-ga no-poda dø pallayo

Today is colder than yesterday = Onûr-i øje-poda dø chuwøyo

Minho is taller than Taemin = Mingo-ga Taemin-poda dø k’i-ga k’øyo

Korean is more difficult than Japanese = Hangug-i ilbon-poda dø øryøwøyo

It can also work in the reverse order.  The word order isn’t important just as long as the i/ga and pøda bits are still with the right words.  Ok, it doesn’t seem natural to us but, hey!  Go with it.

No-poda che-ga dø pallayo

Øje-poda onûr-i dø chuwøyo

Taemin-poda Minho-ga dø k’i-ga k’øyo

Ilbon-poda hangug-i dø øryøwøyo

These all mean the same as those above just said in the reverse order.

Try these for yourself:

1) i-T’ellebijøn-i kû-t’ellebijøn-poda dø k’øyo

2) kae-poda koyang-i chagayo

3) Kû k’ømp’yut’ø-ga i-k’ømp’yut’ø-poda dø pallayo

4) Minho ch’a-poda Taemin ch’a-ga dø pissayo

5) i-chaeg-i kû-sajøn-poda ssayo

1) This TV is bigger than that TV

2) The cat is smaller than the dog

3) That Computer is faster than this computer

4) Taemin’s car is more expensive than Minho’s car

5) This book is cheaper than that dicionary



Tell me what you think of this new grammar rule!

Annyonghi kaseyo!

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    • Thank you so very much for your comments. They are always welcome! It’s great to get feedback, especially of the positive type. I just do this site in my spare time and it’s genuinely delightful to know that it might be of use and enjoyment to others – so thank you and I hope to see you on the site again soon!
      Gareth x


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