Korean Lesson 24: Give it a go!

여보세요!  여기가 우리 세로운 수업… – Yøboseyo!  Yøgi-ga uri sero-un su-øp…  – Hello!  Here is out new lesson…

In this lesson we will learn how to say: “Try…ing”

Firstly, you will need to use the verb ‘to see’ – poda 보다

This is a strange verb as in the present tense it requires an odd vowel change.  Unlike normal verbs in the present tense it can’t just take the -ayo / øyo ending as this would leave us with an odd øayo/øoyo ending. Instead it merges into these vowels to make the combination wayo.  Therefore it becomes: pwayo 봐요

In the past tense of this verb is pwassøyo 봤어요

The polite imperative form is poseyo 보세요

As an instruction it works as follows:

Take the -ø/-a form of the verb (the present tense without the final -yo bit) and then put poseyo after it.  Easy!

Møgø boseyo! – Try eating (it)!  먹어 보세요!

Køgi-ga sa boseyo! – Try living there!   거기가 사 보세요

T’ellebijon-ûl onûlpamûn dasøt-shi-e bwa boseyo – Try watching the TV tonight at 5pm  텔레비전을 오늘밤은 다섯시에 봐 보세요

Nae-il ch’uggu-rûl ch’yø boseyo – Try playing football tomorrow    내일 축구를 쳐 보세요

Hanggug-ûl mal hae boseyo – Try speaking Korean    한국을 말 해 보세요


In the past tense it means “I tried / gave it a go”

람연을 먹어 봤어요 – ramyøn-ûl møgø bwassøyo – I tried eating ramen noodles

거기에 가 봤어요 – køgi-e ga bwassøyo – I tried going there

그하고 말 해 봤어요 – kû-hago mal hae bwassøyo – I tried talking with him


Go through all of the new vocabulary in this unit and try a few phrases out for yourself.  As always, feel free to leave a comment and a phrase or two for me to check! 🙂


감사합니다!  안녕가세요!

Kamsa hamnida! Annyøng kaseyo!

Thanks!  Bye!



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