Korean Lesson 16: To Have

In this lesson we are going to learn about the verb (or lack of it, really) for ‘To Have’ in Korean.


Korean expresses the idea of possession through the verb ‘to exist’ or ‘to not exist’.  It sounds complicated but actually it’s very easy.


Thing + i/ga + issøyo – I have / you have / she has, etc.

Thing + i/ga + øpsøyo – I don’t have / you don’t have, etc.


The choice between i/ga is explained in an earlier unit on Particles.

(If the Thing ends in a vowel add -ga / If it ends in a consonant add -i)



ke-ga issøyo – I have a dog

ch’aeg-i øpsøyo – I don’t have a/the book

koyangi-ga issøyo – I have a cat

tellebijøn-i issøyo – I have a TV

k’ømp’yut’a-ga øpsøyo – I don’t have a computer


Complete the following and Translate

(I have put the object in Korean for you to copy and Google translate if you don’t know it):


e.g.) p’ûrint’o __ga___ issøyo = I have a printer (프린터)


1) ch’a _____ øpsøyo = __________________ (차)

2) sop’a _____ issøyo = __________________ (소파)

3) chungug ûmshik ________ issøyo = ______________ (중국 음식)

4) ch’aek _______ øpsøyo = ___________________ (책)

5) Shii-dii _______ øpsøyo = __________________ (시디)

6) mun ________ issøyo = ____________________ (문)

1) ch’a __ga___ øpsøyo = _____I don’t have a car_____________

차가 없어요

2) sop’a __ga___ issøyo = ____I have a sofa______________

소파가 있어요

3) chungug ûmshig _i_______ issøyo = ___I have Chinese food___________

중국 음식이 있어요

4) ch’aeg __i_____ øpsøyo = ___I don’t have the book________________

책이 없어요

5) Shii-dii ___ga____ øpsøyo = __I don’t have the CD________________

시디가 없어요

6) mun __i______ issøyo = ____I have a door (doors)________________

문이 있어요


I translated each sentence as “I have/don’t have…” but it is as correct to have put ‘you/he/she/we/they have’


어떻게 있었어요?  좋았어요?



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