Korean Lesson 13: The Future Tense

In this lesson we will learn the future tense.

Well, one of them anyway! We are going to learn one of the ways which at first will be more useful. There are others that express more doubt or to ask others what they would like to do but they will be covered later.

To form the future tense:
Take away the -ta/da of the dictionary form
Add ûl køyeyo to those ending in a consonant
Add l køyeyo to those ending in a vowel

kada – to go
kalkøyeyo – I will go / you will go, etc.

Møkta – to eat
møgûlkøyeyo – I will eat / you will eat, etc.

Helpful words
daûm chu – next week
daûm chumal – next weekend
naenyøng – next year
naeil – tomorrow

Naeil chaeg-ûl ilgøyeyo – I will read a book tomorrow
Yødøl shi-e ohu chønyøg-ûl møgøl køyeyo – I will eat dinner at 8 pm
Ke-hago kørûl køyeyo – I will go walking with the dog

Hope this helps!

Annyonghi kaseyo!


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