Korean Lesson 12: The Past Tense

This unit will help you to form Past Tense sentences in Korean.

The past tense is formed by taking the polite form of the verb (the –yo form) then taking away the –yo and adding –ss. Finally add –øyo to complete the verb;

Møk > Møgøyo > Møgø > Møgøss > Møgøssøyo – I ate

Other examples:

issøssøyo – was / had
mashyøssøyo – drank
haessøyo – did
kongbu haessøyo – studied
wassøyo – came
tûro kassøyo – entered / went in
ssøssøyo – wrote

Example sentences:

Odi kassøyo? Uch’egug-e kassøyo – Where did you go? I went to the post office

Kim sønsaegnim anjassøyo – Mr Kim sat down

Chaeg-ûl ch’ajassøyo – I was looking for a book

Chib-esø shinmun-ûl ilgøssøyo – He was reading the newspaper at home

øje p’yonji-rûl chingu-hant’e ssøssøyo – Yesterday I wrote a letter to a friend

yøja-ga nomu pappassøyo – The girl was very busy

suøb-ûl tûrøssøyo – I took a class

yaksug-ûl haessøyo – She made an appointment

It’s quite straight forward really!


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