Korean Lesson 4: More essential phrases and Question words

In this lesson we will learn some essential phrases and also look at question words.


Here are some essential words and phrases.

Choesong hamnida – Sorry
Shillye hamnida – Excuse me
Puta khamnida – Please (do it for me)

Mwø-eyo – what is it?
Odi…ieyo – Where is the …?
Olma-eyo – how much is it?
issøyo? – Are there any…? / Do you have any…?
myøt shi-e? – At what time?
ønje – when


We use question words much in the same way as in English.  Let’s look at some example sentences and maybe you can pick up some new language through reading them.


ødi = where

ødi-e kayo? – where are you going?

ødi-esø wassøyo? – where have you come from?

ødi ap’ayo? – where does it hurt?

chomsim-ûl ødi møgøssøyo? – where did you eat lunch?


Mwø = what (also: mu-øl)

Mwø møgøyo? – What are you eating?

Mwø mashyøyo? – What are you drinking?

Mwø haeyo? – What are you doing?

Mwø tûrilkkayo? – What would you like?

Mwø mal haeyo? – What are you saying?

Naeil mwø hal køeyo? – What will you do tomorrow?


Ønje = when

ønje tora wayo? – When will you come back?

ønje møgûl køeyo? – when are you going to eat?

ønje ach’im-ûl møgøssøyo? –  When did you eat breakfast?

ønje kayo? – when are you going?


ølma = how much

ølma-rûl tûrilkkayo? – How much would you like?

Kû-ga ølma-yeyo? – How much is that?

I-ga ølma-yeyo? – How much is this?


Myøt shi-e = at what time?

Myøt shi-e kayo? – At what time are you going?

Myøt shi-e manalkkayo? – At what time shall we meet?


Mwø = 뭐

Myøt shi-e = 몇 시에

ølma = 얼마

ønje = 언제

ødi = 어디


Hope this helps a bit!







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