Spanish Vocabulary Unit 3: Verbs

Here is a unit to help you in future units, particularly with grammar units.

estar – to be (location / temporary)
ser – to be (permanent)
tener – to have / to be (with certain expressions)
llegar – to arrive
comer – to eat / have lunch
beber – to drink
irse – to go (leave)
ir – to go
dormir – to sleep
escribir – to write
leer – to read
escuchar – to listen
oír – to hear
decir – to say/tell
andar / caminar – to walk
correr – to run
cantar – to sing
bailar – to dance
pagar – to pay
vivir – to live
quedar – to stay
venir – to come
querer – to want/love
mirar – to watch
ver – to see/watch
hablar – to speak
dar – to give
tomar – to take / to have food
conducir – to drive
introducir – to introduce
presentar – to present/introduce
oler – to smell
adorar – to love/adore
odiar – to hate
detestar – to hate/detest
hacer – to do/make
creer – to believe
pensar – to think
deshacer – to undo
montar – to ride
subir – to go up (to get on transport)
descender – to go down (to get off transport)
navegar – to sail
practicar – to practise / do
reír – to smile
sonreír – to smile
jugar – to play
desayunar – to have breakfast
cenar – to have dinner/supper


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