Spanish Vocabulary Unit 1: Animals

These are special units with word lists to save you time searching for them yourself in dictionaries and online.

In order to learn them, don’t slave over these lists for hours, just pop back to them every now and again and they’ll soon stick.

N.B. I have included the word for THE.  This is useful because you will know if it is masculine or feminine.

Remember!  El – The (masculine) / La – The (feminine)



el caballo – horse

el perro – dog

el gato – cat

la tortuga – turtle / tortoise

la serpiente / la culebra – snake

la rata – rat

el hámster – hamster

el gerbo – gerbil

el conejo – rabbit

el ratón – mouse

la cabaya – Guinea Pig

el pez – fish

el pájaro – bird

el papagayo – parrot

el canario – canary

el periquito – budgie



Wild animals

el lobo – wolf

el león – lion

el tigre – tiger

el elefante – elephant

la jirafa – giraffe

el zorro – fox

el jaguar – jaguar

la pantera – panther

el mono – monkey

el oso – bear

el/la panda – panda (depends whether it’s male or female)

el tiburón – shark

la bellena – whale

el delfín – dolphin

la foca – seal

la orca – killer whale


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