Lesson 10: Going places

Let’s start of with the verb TO GO which is vital in Spanish.

We will then talk about different places that we can go to, when and with whom.


voy – I am going

vas – you are going

va – he/she/it is going

vamos – we are going

vais – you are going (plural)

van – they are going


To say I AM GOING TO simply put ‘a’ after the verb.  Voy a… – I am going to…


Grammar point

‘a’ can never be followed by ‘el’.  They join together to make ‘al’.

WRONG = Voy a el supermercado – I am going to the supermarket

RIGHT = Voy al supermercado – I am going to the supermarket


el supermercado – supermarket

casa – home

el banco – bank

el parque – park

el museo – museum

el teatro – theatre

el cine – cinema

el estadio – stadium


¿A dónde vas? – Where are you going (to)?

Voy al teatro con mis amigos – I am going to the theatre with my friends


¿A dónde van? – Where are they going?

Van al cine – they are going to the cinema


¿A dónde vamos? – Where are we going?

Vamos al estadio – We are going to the stadium


Also: cuándo – when

¿Cuándo vamos al estadio? – When are we going to the stadium?

dentro de poco – in a little while

mañana – tomorrow

después – later

esta tarde – this afternoon

en seguida – right away


Also: con quién – with whom / who with

¿Con quién vamos? – Who are we going with?

con – with

mis padres – my parents

mis amigos – my friends

mi compañero – my colleague

mi hermano – my brother

mi hermana – my sister

mi pareja – my partner (other half)


Read the conversation between a mother and her son and then answer the questions that follow:

A = ¿A dónde vas?

B = Voy al parque para jugar al fútbol

A = ¿Con quién vas?

B = Voy con mis amigos y mi hermana

A= ¿Cuándo vas?

B = En seguida


  1. Where is he going?
  2. When?
  3. With whom?

Answers in the next section as usual



¡Hasta pronto! 


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