Grammar 101: Adjectives

This unit is separate from the others.  It is a grammar specific module concentrating on those tricky adjectives!


Adjectives can end in a number of different letters (inglés / diferente / frío / fácil…)

The word found in the dictionary will be the MASCULINE form.


Here’s how to make them FEMININE:


-o > take off the ‘o’ and add ‘a’ (italiano > italiana)

-e > e never changes (canadiense > canadiense)


Any consonants don’t change (except ‘s’):

-l > l (útil > útil)

-s > -sa (francés > francesa)


Here’s how to talk about more than one MASCULINE thing (PLURAL):

Vowels just add an ‘s’

e > es (diferente > diferentes)

o > os (italiano > italianos)


Consonants add an -es

útil > útiles

marrón > marrones

inglés > ingleses


And finally to talk about things which are FEMININE and PLURAL: 

Vowels: Change it into the feminine form then add an -s

-e > -es (interesante > interesantes)

-o > -as (italiano > italianas)



-l > -les (útil > útiles)

-s > -as (inglés > inglesas)



1. The rich boy = El chico rico

2. The rich girl = La chica rica

3. The rich boys = Los chicos ricos

4. The rich girls = La chicas ricas


a. The useful boy = El chico útil

b. The useful girl = La chica útil

c. The useful boys = Los chicos útiles

d. The useful girls = Las chicas útiles


i. The interesting boy = El chico interesante

ii. The interesting girl = La chica interesante

iii. The interesting boys = Los chicos interesantes

iv. The interesting girls = Las chicas interesantes


~ The English boy = El chico inglés

~ The English girl = La chica inglesa

~ The English boys = Los chicos ingleses

~ The English girls = Las chicas inglesas




If it ends in ‘o’ or ‘s’ then there are 4 forms

If it ends in e or any consonant except ‘s’ then there are just 2 forms



¡Hasta pronto!








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