Spanish Lesson 3

Me presento

Now you have started a conversation it’s time to say more about yourself:

¿Cómo te llamas? – What’s your name?

Me llamo… – I am called…


¿Dónde vives? – Where do you live?

Vivo en… – I live in…


¿Tienes un animal? – Do you have a pet?

Tengo… – I have…

  • un perro – a dog
  • un gato – a cat
  • un pájaro – a bird
  • un ratón – a mouse
  • un conejo – a rabbit
  • una serpiente – a snake
  • una tortuga – a turtle



Did you notice the two words for ‘a’? = un and una

Why are there two?

…..because of masculine and feminine words.  If the word is masculine the word for ‘a’ is ‘un’.  If the word is feminine the word for ‘a’ is ‘una’.  Easy!


Grammar 2

To say that you ‘don’t’ have something, or that you ‘don’t’ live somewhere, just put ‘no’ before the verb.

i.e. No tengo un perro – I don’t have a dog

No vivo en Barcelona – I don’t live in Barcelona


Listen to the conversation.  

  1. What is his name?
  2. Where in Spain does he live?
  3. What pets does he have?
  4. What pet doesn’t he have?




Answers in the next unit!




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